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New AMD desktops custum built per user needs. All of our desktops include the following.

Windows XP
Microsoft Office
60 Gig hard drive
256mb RAM
CD-RW (DVD-RW optional)
Antivirus software
Antispyware software
and more....

We do not prebuild any PC, each PC is built with the customer in mind.


Please contact us for more informatin on laptops

40.5GB HDD,
14.1" Wide Screen TFT LCD Color,
DVD/CD-RW Burner Combo Drive (Play DVD and burn CD),
3D Video and 3D Sound
56K v.92 Fax Modem,
10/100 Lan (DSL/Cable Ready),
802.11 WiFi Wireless Lan
PCMCIA, USB2.0 Ports
Windows XP Home Full Version w/License.
Brand New w/1-yr Manufacturer warranty.
Upgrade to 512MB DDR for only $39.99

Used desktops and laptops

Please contact us for more information and what we currently have in stock.

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