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View list of standard ports (10/10/04)

Lists all standard ports and what they are used for.


coffeecup CoffeeCup Free FTP 3.0

A useful free FTP program from CoffeeCup software.


VNC Real VNC 4.11 Server/Viewer

A free remote desktop program. Click here for VNC FAQs.


Win XP CD-Key Viewer

A program to display your Win XP serial key.
NOTE: This only works on XP machines THAT DO NOT have service pack 2 installed.

CWShredder Ver. 2.1 by InterMute

Program to remove variants of the CoolWebSearch trogan virus. This virus is extremely resourceful in staying in a computer. It is used primarily to hijack home pages and search pages.


SpyBot 1.3 Patch

Patch for SpyBot to fix the DSO Exploit bug. Make sure SpyBot 1.3 is installed prior to running this patch.


WinSock XP 1.2

Fixes IP problems such as the "limited or no connectivity" error. It will reinstall TCP/IP on a Windows XP computer.


Autoruns v7.0

Utility to monitor and manage programs in the Windows startup.
To read more go to the Sysinternal's Website.


Angry IP Scanner 2.19

This is a very fast and small IP scanner. It has many options, such as the ability to resolve host names, check for open ports, scan dead machines, and more. It contains many features, such as configurable scanning columns, multiple port scanning, various export formats, plugins, and more.


Computer History Viewer 1.0
Computer History Viewer could view Window's run history, open/save history, recent documents, User Assist History, Internet Explorer's cache, cookies, history, visited URLs, typed URLs, autocomplete memory, index.dat files, and much more.




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