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Onsite repair

In home or office pc repair at your conveinance! All you have to do is call or email us to setup an appointment that fits your schedule! Most computer issues can be resolved by a tech without you haveing to drag your computer into a shop. The best part about having a tech come to you is that if the computer needs to be brought into our shop for hardware replacement and so on WE will bring it in then deliver it and set it back up for you.

Data backup and recovery

At some point every computer user looses data or has a system/hard drive failure. In the event the data lost to the user or the machine is dead we can recover your files and put them on cd/dvd or even your new pc. Below are areas we cover.

For more information on our data recovery program please contact us.

Phone support

Free support by phone 24/7

Laptop Repair

Bob Bell & Associates has been doing laptop repiar for 5 years now on all mayjor brands and models. We also sale laptop accessories and replacement parts.

When you need to get you laptop repaired fast our tech's will rapidly back up all your important data and fix and problems with your machine. Most common issues can be resolved in under a hour at your location or in our shop. For more information on how we can serve you or any questions about laptop repair please contact us.

Wired Networks

Wired networking is a good choice for any size company that has stationary PC’s and does not need the flexibly of “go anywhere” networking. Also, well suited in situations where reliability is a must.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networking is a must for companies that need the freedom and flexibility of networking anywhere within or around the building. Also, extremely worthwhile to have for those using laptops with a network infrastructure.

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)

VPN’s are used to connect two or more remote computers over dial-up or over the Internet. This is an absolute necesity when a secure connection is needed between two remote locations.

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